Guests Experience Nonstop Shark Action at Guadalupe

WOW, WOW, WOW – what more can I say, the 1st dive of the day had 2-4 sharks circling the cages throughout the dive, well worth the early morning alarm!!

What a day, awesome diving, awesome sharks and now we are enjoying a cheese & wine evening on the sundeck, while we watch the Chef rock out to the music on his headset whilst cooking huge steaks to perfection on the BBQ!!

–Bec B, UK

Nonstop sharky action since 6:45 am!!

–George Y., Canada


A selfie with a new toothy best friend
A selfie with a new toothy best friend

Just another day on the Nautilus! After a morning’s diving, I watched sharks from my cabin window. Then when I went back onto the dive deck, not only were there numerous sharks, but a mother and baby dolphin swam by!!

–Neil, Liverpool, UK


A great white shark swims through the sunlight
A great white shark swims through the sunlight

Day 3 was loaded with sharks all day! This has been an AWESOME vacation and the trip of a lifetime. The crew is beyond great, the Chef catered to your every need (including special requests). TJ is a great captain and had constant interaction with passengers and crew. A big thank you to all the crew for making this trip so wonderful. Today was amazing on the surface as well with sharks breaching out of the water, I never thought I would ever see anything so amazing that was not on TV.

–Debra & Jon Miller, Tampa, FL, USA

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