47 Sharks Identified in One Trip!!

So this was the last trip to Guadalupe Island of my current rotation. We had 47 different sharks identified over 3 days!! That is a lot! More then what I can remember from when we started 12 years ago. We must be doing something right! Or is it maybe that the population of great white sharks has increased? We have seen a lot of smaller sharks coming in, but now is also the time that the big females are coming here.

The females return to Guadalupe every second year, more or less, while the males return every year. It was nice to see “Bruce” again, who we first spotted in 2001. I do miss the “Shredder,” he was quite a character. You do get a bit attached, seeing the same sharks year after year.

The weather was great, no wind, so just sitting on the sundeck, you could clearly see the sharks swimming around in the distance. I counted 7 sharks on the surface at once. So now it is time to step off the Nautilus UnderSea for a while, but I’ll be back at the end of October!

–DM Sten the “Vikingo,” the Nautilus UnderSea


A great white under the hull, Photo by Saunders Drukker
A great white under the hull, Photo by Saunders Drukker

As this rotation comes to a close, I can not help but look back and smile at the adventure I have just experienced. I am constantly developing a new appreciation and fascination for these amazing animals. Over the past month I have seen great whites almost every day. I have seen more sharks than I or anyone else could ever hope to imagine. I still get excited when I spot a fin skim the surface, get nervous with anticipation as a shark eyes my bait, or be struck with awe as they gracefully cruise by. I will be counting down the days until I get to journey back to the mythical Isla Gudalupe.

–DM Will, the Nautilus UnderSea

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