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I have now had the opportunity to go on 10 liveaboards. On many of the liveaboards there are cooks who are usually crew members who have some limited cooking capability. Generally speaking, the food is OK, and sometimes it isn’t ok.

Nautilus Belle Amie has a Chef. Julio is on-board to cook. He is dedicated to preparing meals for the guests and crew. He is an excellent chef and does not limit himself to the standards of spaghetti and burgers. Every meal he prepares is excellent. His Herb Chicken, as an example, involves honey, spices and baking. He prepares Continental Breakfast, then cooks breakfast and you order your eggs as you’d like them. There is a hot lunch, afternoon snacks, cookies and always an exceptional dinner. These meals are better than some of the restaurants back home. The diving here is great, the crew works hard to make the trip successful, and the Chef is great.

– Craig, Springfield Virginia

Description  Bravo to the crew!! Great service and attention to the guest and little requests.. anyway, they work so hard more than expected… i feel they need a couple of guys (staff) more coz they looked overworked.. love the food, service and great diving!!!! Two thumbs up for me!!!!

Ryan Alegre, Philippines

Excellent services, food & dives throughout the trip. Special thanks to Sten, Martyn, Beto & other crew members who have been taking us so well. We are so happy to see False Killer Whales, dolphins, mantas, tuna, sharks and other interesting creatures. We also enjoy a lot in the “marine lectures” conducted by Sten & Martyn too.

– Billy & Happy, Hong Kong/China




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