5 Reasons to Dive with Great White Sharks in July

Captain Mike has been navigating the waters of Guadalupe for almost 20 years, so safe to say he knows his stuff when it comes to the ocean’s top predator, the great white shark. And for unforgettable encounters, here’s his two cents on why you should dive with great white sharks in July…

If I were only able to do one more great white expedition in my life, it would be an early July trip to Guadalupe Island.  I have studied these sharks for almost 20 years, read every paper I can get my hands on and talked to every scientist I can. There is no question in my mind that this is the best time to go. Why? Read on to discover five reasons you should dive with great white sharks in July…

multiple great white sharks

1. Sharks, Sharks and More Sharks

July is the best kept secret of Guadalupe. Most male great white sharks are arriving in Guadalupe right now and the diving is HOT. No matter the month, it goes without saying that Guadalupe is the best place in the world for cage diving with great white sharks; we’ve seen as many as 50 different sharks in a single session. BUT, if you dive with great white sharks in July, these rowdy male sharks will be out in full force, and you can be a fly on the wall to some thrilling behavior…

great white shark breaching

2. Jaw-Dropping Behavior

Comparable to a rowdy gang of teenage boys all jostling for position (think: Spring Break), males compete for dominance before the females arrive and behavior includes breaching, tail slaps, parallel swimming and more. The sharks don’t want to risk actual physical injury in jousting but will put on displays showing massive strength and dominance.  Try imagining a shark lifting two-thirds of its body out of the water for an enormous tail slap aimed at another shark… and drenching everyone standing on the back deck of one of our boats…

cage diving

3. They’re Curious

These sharks normally haven’t seen any humans since the previous fall, and they are super interested in dive boats. Covid-19 has meant the park has been shut since 2019, meaning the sharks won’t have seen humans for almost two years and will be friskier than ever before.

dive with great white sharks

4. Unparalleled Encounters

We’re the only dive operator there in July, so you’ll have the sharkies all to yourself. And there are a lot… Guadalupe attracts such a prolific number of sharks that it’s hard to keep track of them. Although we do have a few favorites, which you can read about here. Plus, if you spot a new one you get to name it, which is a whole new reason to visit in itself.

liveaboard Guadalupe

5. New Cages For 2021

New for the 2021 season, we’re excited to unveil four new uber shark surface cages so big guests can set up camp, make themselves at home and watch the sharks swim by…

We’ve incorporated loads of incremental improvements gleaned from almost 20 years of experience running trips to Guadalupe. Measuring 13 x 10 ft, our giant new cages have been thoughtfully designed to enhance our guests’ encounters with white sharks. With just four guests in the cage at a time, there’s plenty of elbow room; you could even lie down in if you get bored of seeing so many great whites – 13 sharks at once is our current record.

WANT TO divE with great white sharks in July? Check out our Guadalupe availability and get in touch today to secure your spot on the trip of a lifetime.

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