This Time We Have the Chance to Understand and Appreciate a Small Part of Their Behavior

I waited for eight laps around Roca Partida for the biggest circuntropical fish. We knew at Roca they are always coming back every 5 minutes maybe, we just have to be patient. Being the last dive at Roca we never know what to expect. I took my position close to the northwest of the rock-like about 20 feet deep as some other divers, but we were quite organized after the second lap we were divided into different groups everyone waiting for the perfect moment to observe this majestic animal. We know that some times of the year in different parts of the ocean at subtropical areas they aggregate for feeding at a unique time where a particular event is going on like millions of eggs of snappers are colonizing these areas and they just somehow we don’t know well, but whale sharks can track it and get there. Something different happens at Roca Partida, some magic way whale sharks have their natural compass to be magnetized to this amazing rock, they don´t want to miss the chance to swim around and enjoy a few days in the area. As they are wild sea animals many things are not known and can still be a mystery. What we can tell is that they don’t seem feared by divers as they can stay the entire dive even days while we are diving. This time we have the chance to understand and appreciate a small part of their behavior and know a little more about them firsthand.

  • Divemaster Martin onboard the Nautilus UnderSea

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