It Was Just an Incredible and Unbelievable Time We and Our Guests Spent with These Wonderful and Mighty Animals

Today Kathy and Scarlett flying on our spotter plane, Nautilus Scout, did a good long search for animals during the morning. We had great encounters with schools of mobula rays of hundreds of individuals and huge pods of dolphins. Near noon the plane reported about a pod of four or five orcas and immediately we started heading to the last seen spot about 15 miles north of our position.

In the meantime, the plane went back to land to refuel. We got to the spot and split the search having the Gallant Lady and the crew on one side and the divemasters and guests on our speed boat searching in parallel. We searched for about 20 minutes when the plane, already back in the air, reported the orcas already moved west about 3 miles. With the speed boat we got there in no time and Kathy our pilot gave me precise directions and put us in front of the pod of orcas.

From there it was just an incredible and unbelievable time we and our guests spent with these wonderful and mighty animals. 3 hours of peaceful and very close interaction. We saw a very big adult with two young ones. One definitely a baby. And then some other three or four young females. In particular, those young females were very interested in us. They came to check the boat and spy hope on us multiple times. They swam around the boat and were very curious about the divers.

Once is a lifetime experience and a wonderful day we had. Thanks to all the team and crew in the air, the mother ship, and speed boat but especially to our guests who were patient, respectful of the animals, and gave them their space which allowed us to see their behavior and truly interact with them.

  • Divemaster Juan David, onboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady.

By Nautilus Crew

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