Sea Lion Madness

Sea lion madness. Today we spend the day at one of my favourite dive sites in the Sea of Cortez. I love diving with sea lions and this is one of the best places around this area for sea lion interactions. And we got what we came for. Some crazy good sea lion interactions. On the third dive of the day I spoke to the group I was guiding and everyone agreed on the plan to just stick with the sea lions for the whole dive. And that is what we did. We went down right next to the colony. Once we got down the sea lions noticed that we were there instantly and came over to play with the divers. From that moment on we had one hour of non stop sea lion interactions. There is a little cave I like to hang out, because this is the place the young ones like to dive down and hang out. The juvenile ones are the most playful ones most of the time. What and amazing dives. The visibility was very good today and the water was nice and warm. 

Now we are getting ready for a night dive. Excited to see what we find…

  • Dive Master Stein, onboard the Nautilus Explorer.

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