The Sea of Cortez is Amazing!

When I first got the news that Guadalupe Island with the Great White sharks was closed by the government I was disappointed at first to be honest. 

Once the alternative (revenge) trip started, my disappointment went away quick. The crew was extremely nice and welcoming. They made us feel right at home.

The first diving day we understood why the Sea of Cortez is called the Aquarium of the World. Fish everywhere and interesting macro.
The second diving day I came to understand that this trip would not have that many big animals. 

That was disappointing, not only for me but also for other divers, as Nautilus had sold this liveaboard with big chances of seeing hammerheads and bullsharks.

When I got all the information, the liveaboard was even called ´Cabo Pulmo Bull Sharks´, so I think you can understand that we felt a bit let down when we learned that this wasn’t the season for those animals.

This is of course not the responsibility of the crew, they are AMAZING!

The captain (Ramon, a truly wonderful man), dive masters (extremely skilled, patient and also known as dive monsters), the engineers (with great power comes great responsibility), the hostesses (Maria and Laura are so nice and attentive), the chef (Alfonso made every meal a joy and an experience by itself) went out of their way for us.

On the third day, which is today, a lot was made right for me. Diving with Ronald I was able to see a single hammerhead during the first dive! 

On the second dive Ronald and I spotted a bull shark right at the start! And during all these dives and after that we had an incredible and unforgettable experience diving with the sea lions.

Dozens of them came to check us out and everyone had the feeling that this was what they had signed up for. Big sea animals! 

I know that many of the divers, including me, wanted to see hammerheads and bullsharks, and I think Nautilus could have been more clear on that subject, as I mentioned above.

But we had some great dives and in between the dives we were able to snorkel and kayak. There were hikes and courses about sea identification and sea lions. All this has been great so far. 

Of course I would still like to see the Great White shark sometime, and I’m definitely going to do this with Nautilus. 

I wouldn’t want to do this with another crew like dive monsters Stein, Juan, Ronald and the rest of the crew!

  • Jonathan E. from the Netherlands

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