more great dives around Danzante

We had two more good dives yesterday afternoon in the area outside of Puerto Escondido. Dive 2 was at the south side of Danzante and dive 3 was on the wreck of the former navy ship nearby. Both dives had calm conditions without significant current and visibility around 60′. Divers really enjoyed the day and we stayed sheltered from the winds and seas the whole time.

Corals, gorgonians, and lots of critters, plus the shadows of larger fish in the distance. On the surface there were lots of shoaling baitfish and some predatory action. For dive two we ran north int he RHIB to the islands witht he sea lions. Conditions there are similar with visibility, but the divers all had a great dive with the sea lions providing entertainment. We’re planning two more dives today, one each at the north point and then again here at our new anchorage.

By Nautilus Crew

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