Best weather today and great dives

Todays weather conditions have been the best of the week, no wind at all, shiny hot sun clear skies, flat ocean, at this very second ,divers are down in the suwanee rocks doing their last dive of the trip, this is dive number 16, two night dives included.

This morning we started with los islotes in the first dive then Fang Ming wreck, both morning dives were really good islotes being the best, lots of sea lions hunting on the bait fish, then the wreck with four turtles and loads of other stuff today visibility averages 80Ft, water temperature is 82F air temperature is 84F, once diver get back we are gonna head back to port, we have a long way to go from here.
We just here on the radio capitania de puertos from la paz or marina they were telling everyone to be careful as they had spotted couple of whale sharks nearby, kind of nice huh.

submitted by Beto aboard de Undersea, October 27, 2022

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