Lots of hammerheads to begin our trip

Light breeze from N, calm seas, blue sky, Today we start at fondeadero, first dive we jump from the stern, everybody feel comfortable in the water with their gear, first dive visibility around 20-22 mts, water temperature 27°C, strong current to the W, great check dive, lots of sharks, white tips sharks, lots of lobsters, one big huge chevron manta one little silvertip shark. Second dive we jump in manta rock, amazing dive on the cleaning station, visibility around 20 mts, 28°C water temperature, no current on this dive, lots of shark action on the cleaning station, galapagos, silvertips white tips and silkys, and lots of hammerheads everywhere around 30 hammerheads were there very close to the divers. People are very happy

Noon report by Gilberto 27 Oct 2022 12:13 aboard Nautilus Explorer

By Nautilus Crew

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