Awesome Encounters at Archipelago Revillagigedo

Diving at Socorro

Socorro is a great place to dive and we had three amazing dives at Punta Tosca. There was strong current and good visibility, the ideal combination to find big animals. To our delight, we had encounters with mantas, dolphins, and hammerheads, all at very close quarters. Dives that forever memories are made of!

This time is one of my favorites of the dive season as humpbacks begin to arrive at Socorro. We can see them cruise around the Archipelago with their calves in tow.

Till now, we have had a glorious time whale watching at Punta Tosca. The most amazing incident happened today when I was on the skiff and we saw a mother whale teaching her calf to jump. Right in front of us, there was an incredible exhibition for almost 10 minutes of the mother whale jumping and the calf copying it.

One of the groups who were in the water also had a chance to see at least one whale during the dive. Feeling blessed to be in Revillagigedo in March and seeing whales galore. Waiting eagerly to see them on the surface or under the water.

Last day at Socorro Island

The last day of this trip at Socorro Island finished with some amazing dives that I have ever been through. Today, we dove at Cabo Pearce where the current was ripping and visibility was great almost throughout the day.

Since the sea conditions were partly rough today, all the divers did not want to venture out to the deep cleaning station. So, I took the most experienced divers who wanted to take the chance and visit the deep cleaning station to find some big animals. And they had more than enough reason to cheer about. We found big Galapagos sharks, a school of hammerheads, some silky sharks, and a Tiger shark! The icing on the cake was passing lots of black and chevron mantas and a Mobula ray, all at eye contact distance.

The rest of the divers were not disappointed either and had their share of amazing experiences. They visited the shallow cleaning station and saw lots of mantas on every dive. It was a great day of diving at Revillagigedo and all divers had encounters with the giant mantas. They will be carrying back memories that will last them a lifetime.      

We could not have asked for a better way to finish this trip!

By Nautilus Crew

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