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  • Jacks, dolphins and mantas at El Boiler

    We had hundreds of different types of Jacks taking advantage of the current to hunt the smaller Creolfish. It was a great spectacle!! Especially as a dolphin and its young joined the fun and started chasing around the Jacks seemingly just for fun! After 5 minutes the mum and kid reunited swimming together belly to belly away into the blue; they looked just like they were having a little chuckle after scaring the Jacks.

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  • Everywhere you look there is something fabulous to see

    Absolutely amazing holiday on board the Nautilus Explorer. The diving here has lived up to every expectation, culminating in 6 Giant Mantas circling our dive group on the penultimate dive – breathtaking! In addition to the Mantas we’ve seen a huge variety of sea life including many different sharks – most impressive being the large Galapagos Shark.

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  • Roca o'neil dive site

    Roca O’Neil

    Today we dived Roca O’neil a site we don’t often get to go to as it is very exposed to heavy swell. It is located on Socorro island and consists of craggy black rocks protruding from the surface of the waves several hundred meters from the islands coastline. There is a shallow plateau which extends out from the rocks which steeply drops off on all sides to over 30m (at it’s shallowest point) covered in large boulders and rock formations.The abrupt change in depth creates…

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  • “It felt like being right in a National Geographic documentary”

    “This is the calmest ocean I’ve ever seen out here, and I’ve been on countless trips to Socorro”, chef Steve on the Gallant Lady announced, while serving an absolute delicious breakfast. Only moments later, Captain Adrian interrupted our meal, announcing dolphins through the radio. Everybody rushed out on deck, to witness a unique natural spectacle. Bottlenose dolphins were jumping out of the water as far as we could see, surrounding us and following us at the tip of the boat.

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  • Giant manta at Socorro

    Giant mantas : from dream to reality

    Once there was a little boy, with awe discovering the picture of a mystical underwater creature, hidden in a book named “Wonders of Nature”, owned by his parents. Displayed across a double page appeared a gigantic, wing like object, called manta or devils ray, seemingly more belonging to outer space, like an UFO, than originating from this planet Earth.

    In the time to follow, the picture was to be looked at many more times…

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  • Clarion angelfish

    Our beloved Clarion Angelfish

    Being forced by current to jump from rock to rock without a mere shadow of a shark can sometimes be frustrating, but with close attention one might notice that the custodians of our beloved animals (Clarion Angelfish) sometime swim nervously up wondering if our divers might be guests to clean and groom… a nuance that the over-expectant eye may haplessly overlook.

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  • Dolphins and mantas galore !

    he last two days have been dolphins and mantas galore! In the last seven dives, we have been lucky enough to be joined by dolphins on four and mantas on four. Yesterday, we were joined by a group of nine dolphins on the first dive just after our group got into the water. They stayed and played for a little while, swimming in circles around us and coming within inches of us. After about 10 minutes they swam off, but we were not sad about the dolphins leaving for long as we were soon after joined by a manta.

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