20 – 200 Silky Sharks Swimming Around the Nautilus Explorer

Location: R0ca Partida, Socorro, Revillagigedos, Mexico

Comments: We always carefully watch our various weather models and calculate which day of the trip will provide the best conditions and calmest seas for diving the offshore pinnacle known as Roca Partida. While we have said it many times before, this is big animal diving and thus you never know which site will provide the hottest diving of the trip. That being said, it’s still a good bet that Roca Partida will not leave anyone disappointed. We always try to spend 2 days here and while anchored onsite overnight, we have seen anywhere from 20 to 200 silky sharks swimming around the Nautilus Explorer.

Sten and I divemastered the 3rd dive today and had a lovely time. Lots of fish including great schools of jacks and even a school of triggerfish. Not a lot of giant manta rays though. Super visibility in very blue water. My only disappointment was creeping along the west side of the rock against some localized current, poking my nose around a corner, and going face-to-face with 3 very large silvertip sharks. My disappointment stemmed from realizing that my dive buddies had given up on the current, slid back around the other side of the rock and missed seeing these sharks. The 3 big silvertips were terrific even if nobody else saw them.

–Captain Mike


Weather: Mid-level scattered strato-cumulous clouds, air temperatures in the low 80’s, 6 foot long low swell (which was nice), light winds.

Water: 100 foot visibility (at least), water temperature 70°F

By Nautilus Staff

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