Roca Partida, Socorro, Revillagigedos Islands, Mexcio.

Location: Humpback whales have arrived at Socorro Island!
Our second day at Roca Partida, and I had a good feeling as the divers and I dropped into the blue at the northern end of the rock.  Almost as soon we dropped in I could the sound of strobes recycling,  a lot ! I looked around and could not see anyone with a camera  around me. There were silver tip sharks down deep and I could just make out hammerhead sharks out on the edge of my visibility. Then it finally clicked ! The sound I was hearing was not a strobe, it was dolphins. I signalled the group and as we swam around the west side I could see maybe 10 dolphins. They were in hunting mode, but they hung around long enough for our guests to get a few video clips and some photographs. As the dolphins swam off into the blue I hung out away from the rock with a small group of divers hoping to see  hammerheads. Nothing. Then, between breaths, I heard something that made me stop and smile. for a few minutes I just hung there in my own little world. The humpback whales had arrived. The they were some way off, but I could hear them. I made a motion for the others around me to listen, and got some blank looks. When we surfaced I explained to the guests, and told them I thought the humpbach whales were, perhaps 10 – 15 miles away. They all thought I was crazy. Even more so when I said we’d see whales (on the surface) before the trip ended. The remaining dives were relaxing and we had good sightings  of silvertip and galapagos sharks. More importantly, my whale  prediction was proved right. Shortly after the last dive, about 500 yards from the stern of the boat a small group of humpbacks was breaching and sounding. We could not get any closer, but it was  still great to see these leviathans back here. And just remember  when you’re diving to use your ears, as well as your eyes.  Divemaster Buzz
Weather: Air temperature 83 degrees, high scattered clouds, long rolling 6 foot  swell.  A nice day for open ocean.
Water: Water temperature 75 degrees, visibility 75 feet.

By Nautilus Staff

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