First giant manta mating ever caught on film plus Socorro dive report from last trip – March 22, 2010.

Check this out!!!  Mantas mating!!!!

Well, I guess we all know that our favourite big animals  –  giant mantas and sharks –  don’t always co-operate on every trip to Socorro Island.   While Socorro was closed recently for navy exercices, scuba diving continued unabated at nearby San Benedicto Island and Roca Partida and the diving was some of the best that we have ever seen in the islands:   large schools of hundreds of hammerhead sharks passing close by our scuba divers  (our secret technique is to dive commando style and stay tucked right in the rocks a la Cocos style to avoid scaring the hammers),  lots of fantastic friendly interaction with the giant manta rays, schools of silky and silvertip sharks (yes  –>>  schools!!), yellow fin tuna, extremely friendly bottlenose dolphins and such.    Trouble was that the very big seas and residual wavetrain of a couple of weeks ago stirred up the sediment and particulate and vis was unusually low on our last trip. First time in a long time that we didn’t get the sightings that we are used to. While such is the nature of oceanic big animal diving, we are getting in touch with each guest on last week’s trip and will be making them an offer they hopefully can’t refuse  to come back and experience the “the real Socorro”.    Trust and hope that the vis is back to normal on the next trip. Captain Mike


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Richard Acevesreply
March 24, 2010 at 09:03 AM

I was on that trip last week,,, thought the conditions were not the best i did have a great time… in fact this week i still find myself going about my daily schedule still a bit on NE boat time,,thinking , it’s now little breakfast time , or wondering how the third dive of the day is going or, what going on now etc.. and i continue to check out the blog site, hoping all is going well, and wanting to keep track of how things are going, and still share a bit in the magic of the Socorro’s….. and then i read that bit about “making an offer we can’t refuse”” wow you have my interest up!!!… by the way the crew is amazing,,, very professional,, and highly fun and easy to get along with,,, i have been diving 40+ years and yours is one of the best i have seen,,, hats off to you all,,, Richard

Bob Ptasznykreply
March 25, 2010 at 07:03 PM

I also was on the trip last week, hunkered down in the dorm with my ‘cave-mates’ Rich, Eduardo and Ben. While the dive conditions were not ideal and the sightings few, I have to echo Richards praise for the crew and the whole N.E. organization. From the twins, Kate and Ashley to Dusan and Bayo and everyone in between, I can’t see how a live aboard could be better run. Every need catered to promptly and happily. That was my second N.E. trip and there will surely be more to follow. Hooked and happy…… Bob

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