Crew blog – Living my dream!!! Your friendly chief engineer Larry – Socorro Island – 13 January 2011

Today we were at Socorro Island, and Christine the hostess/divemaster was kind enough to lend me her wetsuit for my afternoon dive. Im glad she did because it made me look good and I think the silvertips were attracted to it! Though whole dive everywhere I looked there were sharks. When I got tired of seeing sharks I would just get a little closer to the rock and hang out with big green moray eels, gigantic spiny lobster, and the smartest animal in the ocean the octopus, he had shacked up with a spiny sea urchin. We had to cut our dive short to get back to work. Gordon really knows how to crack the whip. Thanks for the great dive Mother Ocean! Gabe the deckhand.
Chief Engineer’s Blog
My first trip back from christmas holidays will be one to remember. The crew couldn’t be more fun and compatible, the guests are great, the ship is in great shape and the weather couldn’t be nicer. First dive of the trip was remarkable at Socorro Island, dove with 2 other crew members,saw octopus,tropical fish, and swam with a giant Manta ray. The second dive at Punta Tasca,I will never forget Christine (hostess and divemaster) and I went on the search for a swim with my first sea turtle and it actually happened. We swam with the sea turtle, tropical fish and white tipped reef sharks.
I don’t know what else I could ever ask for. Living My Dream !!!!!!
Your Friendly Chief Engineer LARRY
First Mates Blog
Another excellent trip to start the new year.  Best dive of the year! for me today.  We started with hundreds of schooling bait fish with many various types of large predator fish.  Then moving around the wall we saw hammerhead sharks out in the blue water.  A truely beautiful sight.  So much life to admire.  Yes the magic is very much alive in the Pacific.
Looking forward to navigating under the stars from the Revillagigedo Islas back to the Baja California.
First Mate Kevin W.

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