Galapagos shark swallows a 5 ft green Moray eel in front of our masks! Roca Partida April 19 2011

19 april 2011 Roca Partida , Socorro islands , Revillagigedo , Pacific Ocean, Mexico

Same mother and calf humpback as last trip are visiting us!
And a Galapago sharks swallows a 5 ft green Moray eel in front of our masks!
Today we had two great dives with as well beautiful show of humpbacks breaching repeatedly all around the Nautilus Explorer. Going in the water I could recognise that it is the same mother and calf as we had around for 3 days on the last trip. Just at this time they where moving around much more but we got a few moments to see them in water. I wonder if she is the same mother from last year as well. I Will have to investigate photos from last year to find out.
The diving was great here. Lots of sharks, walls of Yellow Fin Tunas, several Galapagos and Hammerheads a bit out on what we call the hot spots that you have to learn to find out. If you are not in the hot spot you wont get so much of the bigger pelagic animals.
The most interesting observation today seeing a big galapagos shark swimming around with a big piece of a still moving tail of a 5 ft green Moray eel. The shark was followed by a very interested cousin Galapagos shark that wanted a share. It swallowed what was left of the Moray eel and swam off. Last dive was given a sight that few divers seen. The same mother and calf humpback whales came and paid a short visit. Not a bad way to end up a two week voyage!
The wind and the waves had been picked up that much that we decided to pack up and finish on the top of our diving trip. Not pushing Yamaya the Goddess of the seas by being eager when we have been given so much.
Surface conditions; Start was bit wavy , but ended up towards midday to be to big for a pleasant boarding on the boats. So we cancelled the last dive cause of safety.
Underwater conditions.
28-30 m Viz 60-100ft temp 24-25 ca 76 F Some current.
Dive guide Sten Johansson

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