What a first day diving – WOW!

The first dive day of the trip WOW?!!!??!! First dive, 2 Hammers, 2 Silver Tips, loads of White Tips. 2nd dive Hammers, Silver Tips (loads) massive Manta, 3 Silkies (wowsers!) and loads of White Tips again. 3rd dive massive Silver Tips riding current, and a little baby Silver Tip (so cute). White Tips and Silkies. 4th dive white tip feeding frenzy (heads in rock rotating – Giant Trevally’s in on action), big old Silvertips (a few) and then a Giant Manta for over half an hour? also 2 Mobulas. The absolute muts nuts what a first day diving in Revillagigedo, it made an old bald man very happy, wow, wow and wow again?
– Julian Dale-Hutchinson and Chris Taylor – check our bad selves shamone!

By Nautilus Staff

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