Meeting all the animals at the Revillagigedo

Weekly news from the Revillagigedo… We dived the first day at San Benedicto island and had a couple of encounters with hammerhead sharks and manta rays. Second day at Socorro, dolphins played with us and we interacted with some giant friendly mantas. But all this was just a warm up… Day 3 and 4 we dived the famous Roca Partida, Hundreds of hammerheads, dancing mantas and so many galapagos, silvertips and whitetips. We didn’t know where to look anymore there was just too much going on when suddenly…. Whale sharks showed up!! On the last diving day at the Boiler a tiger shark swam by a group of divers. On this first trip of the season, our guests had the chance of ticking of all the animals they wanted to see from their bucket list.
– Divemaster Eline, France

By Nautilus Staff

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