Incredible Trip : San Benedicto, Hammerheads, Whale Shark

Today was another incredible day on San Benedicto. This island is probably the most beautiful and amazing island I’ve seen in my life! The underwater life is so healthy. Today, the first of January was exceptional – we had 1 to 2 Tiger shark on each dive with couple of mantas, friendly dolphins (around 20 to 25), and a mass school of hammerhead sharks (50-60 of them) was swimming just behind a nice school of jack.
We arrived at the end of our trip and it was definitely one of the best in my life with a very big female whale shark yesterday to close the year…Just amazing. I’m sure this place is unique in the world and after couple hundread dives around the archipelago it is still incredible and blows my mind every time I reach the water! Thank you Nautilus for letting us live a dream every single day!
– DM Pierrick

By Nautilus Staff

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