Visit from a Large Manta, Schooling Juvenile Hammerheads

Great site for a check dive. The visibility was excellent, the site deep enough, and the current, mild. Great opportunity to get acquainted with this beautiful place.
Dive 2: We were visited by a large manta that seemed addicted to our bubbles. It seemed to have experienced conniptions of pleasure as it glided over eight divers’ bubbles, shaking in ecstasy, as it prepared to turn once again for another pass over the tickling bubbles.
– Gabe, U.S.A.

Today was very special, let me tell you why… We faced a school of hammerhead. But what makes it very cool is that they were all babies! About 30 juvenile hammerheads cruising over the sandy area of the Canyon in San Benedicto island. What a beautiful sight on the 2nd dive of the trip, also shows how healthy are the islands for sharks to breed and how important it is to protect Revillagigedo’s marine life. Let’s see what the Boiler has to offer us tomorrow, with 6 more days of diving ahead and some very nice weather.
– Divemaster Eline, France

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