Nautilus Under Sea Guests Blogs

I did three nitrox fun dives, full of life, octopuses, hammerheads, black mantas, mantas, bluefin trevallies, jacks, etc., just thought after the third dive when I had the opportunity to share with the manta my own personal moment, I decide to not to do the third one, but the rest of the team did it.
About the crew, as usual, everyone was so helpful, they pamper us, and, as the same way with the manta, I like to think, they are doing it only for me, they make me feel special, they put particular attention on every single detail, from the very nice and detailed way on how the bed is completely set every day, going through the delicious food, to the safety during the dives.

Yesterday I finish my six dives in El Canyon in San Benedicto, the experience was, fantastic. Thanks.

Another incredible adventure yesterday at Socorro Island, I just did 2 of the 3 planed dives, but more than enough to have an incredible experience with dolphins at Cabo Pierce diving site. We head during the night to Socorro from San Benedicto, it was a smooth trip and early morning have the chance our first dive in Cabo Pierce. Dolphins where there as we were mentioned during the briefing, very friendly and close to each of the divers.
During the second dive we saw a couple of sharks, silky ones, and incredible black manta, at the end of the dive gave me the opportunity to have some great pictures of Sabina taking pictures of this incredible animal. The food and the attention from the girls Andrea and Adri, as usual, the best, the dinner was impressively delicious, and during the day great mix of Mexican flavours. Everything has been amazing. Thanks again.

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