Elegant Tuxedo Black Manta

Hello everyone, the story today is:

The first day, one dive with beautiful mantas in El Boiler, they were dancing with four divers for more than 30 min. The black manta is elegant, he looks like he is wearing a tuxedo. The chevron manta, she is huge, more than 5m, swimming slowly and smiling all the time.

Today in Cabo Pearce the current was strong, but the mantas were there, and one solitary hammerhead above of us. The best part was the silky snorkel. Jen from England said it was amazing, the best experience in her 24 years of life. Jajaja 🙂 She was so excited in the water.

I always enjoy when the people come out and say, “That was incredible, amazing”, like the french guys at the end of the silky snorkel. Tomorrow we will dive at Roca, the best!

– Divemaster Arturo A. Bocos

By Nautilus Crew

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