Hammerhead Shark & Manta Show

What an amazing trip!

We started at San Benedicto island on the search for hammerheads, and we succeeded. Just by the buoy receptor close by the cleaning station these great animals made their appearance. I always said we need to be patient and the animals will show.

Then on the second dive, descending on the sandy part, we found 2 tiger sharks swimming by. It was nice to see this huge and graceful animal. The Boiler was a good chance to have the encounter with the mantas. The vis was good and we could see far away a big shade. Because the shape of this I would say it was a tiger shark, they were close, but it was too shy to show up.

Roca on the first day was awesome – no current at all. I got the chance to take my manta group into the blue, and boom – hammerheads!!! They were so close and we had them for about 17 minutes. I got really happy, and well, you can imagine how excited the guests were!

Going back to Socorro Island we dove Cabo Pierce, waoo! I love this place, you never know what can you find. We had hammers again, plus 3 mantas doing their dance. After the second dive, the current started to pick up so we played a little bit and we had fun. At the safety stop, mantas showed up to say good bye.

– Divemaster Luis Moreno

By Nautilus Crew

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