Mesmerized at San Benedicto island

Just finished our first day of dive at San Benedicto Island, we started at the Fondeadero with a couple of silkies, following by the south west point of the island called Manta Highway! Guests were mesmerized by 6 mantas gliding one after the other! Last dive was at the Canyon, our favorite, we had hammerheads as company and by the end we were prized with this stunning sunset!

Divemaster Felipe

San Benedicto is a unique place. The pumice and ash from the eruption still look fresh today except where the ocean has nibbled away at the bottom of the volcano exposing black basaltic rock underneath. The Boiler, which is a pinnacle and manta cleaning station to the west of the island, is actually part of the remains of yet another volcano crater eroded away from long ago. San Benedicto is a fascinating place to visit.

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By Nautilus Crew

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