Crazy mantas and mobula action

Had some nice black manta and a ridiculous big mobula at Cabo Pearce.

– Tim, Germany.

Amazing first dive in the morning. Hunting dolphins and a nice close hammerhead shark.

– Wolfgang, Germany.

Dive Day 1 started with a Black Manta in El Canyon, and at the Boiler 4 Mantas at the same time! Eventually they started to dance with us and that was my best time ever….Great first day and a smashing start!

Dive Day 2-3 get even better at Roca Partida, 3 different Whale Sharks altogether, Silkies, Hammers, crazy Mantas and Mobula actions and amazing time with Tunas, will this get better? I hope so, as the only missing thing on my list is Tiger Shark and Dolphins now.

Lets see what the next 2 days brings… Amazing Crew, Great Boat!

– Oguz Mater, Turkey

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