Relaxing dives at peaceful Socorro Island

And off we went for Socorro Island on our third day. The first dive started with few single hammerheads in the blue. We continued the dive through a nice coral reef landscape full of colourful fish. A bit closer to the open ocean we jumped for our second dive. No current, just a relaxing dive in an wonderful and peaceful aquarium.

We moved a bit closer to the Navy base to do our third and last dive for that day. We spent the first 30 minutes along a huge wall. A few hammerheads were passing by as we dove closer to Socorro Island to finish our dive in the protected area.

We were all excited to about what is going to happen tonight. Silky Snorkel at night??!! After a short briefing we were getting ready and jumped in the water behind the boat. A fantastic experience nobody should miss!

A big big THANK YOU to the crew at this amazing trip. It was a big pleasure to be part of it. And the food was just great and awesome. Thank you, we will come back!

– Corina and Rolf, Germany/Switzerland

a huge school of fish, resembling the nearby rock wall

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