Silky night snorkel – always good fun

Today, we were back at Socorro, diving at Cabo Pierce. Despite dolphin sightings on the surface, unfortunately, they were too shy to come play with us. However, one group was lucky and was visited by one dolphin while going down into the blue waters. The topography became therefore one of the highlights of the dives, but it is truly cool to see what lava and water can do…

However, the biggest thrills were to be found very close by today, diving under the boat with silkies! Contrary to the dolphins, they became really friendly and offered us many opportunities for good pictures and videos. The day ended with another silky night snorkel, which is always good fun for those in the water, but also they ones staying out of it.

And this must be said at some point in this blog: Our crew is the greatest! Thanks for all the fun with you guys, and for taking so good care of us in and out of the water – you are awesome!

Thank you very much for a relaxing and at the same time fascinating week with all the animals in the Archipelago.

All crew members were perfect in their job and always in a positive and friendly mood, they made us feel like friends from the very first day. All crew members are very well trained and are working in a very coordinated way together, so that it was never stressful, even with four dives a day.

And after every dive the wonderful food plus the friendly service of the hostesses, our motto since decades became true again: diving – eating – sleeping – repeat …

– Eugen, Germany

a lone false killer whale in the blue

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