Turtles, Sea Lions and, of Course, Sharks at Guadalupe

It’s the 3rd day of this great trip to Guadalupe Island and everyone is making the best out of it! The back deck is busy, with people getting in and out of the cages and spectators watching the great wrangling show as they warm up between dives with a mug of hot chocolate. The sun is shining and you can see the “rays of god” from the cages stretching from the surface and getting lost in the blue bellow us. As the sharks swim through them it looks absolutely majestic and all photographers are especially pleased for the great conditions.

At one point we even saw a turtle swimming underneath the boat and towards the island. A few sharks were interested and followed it but none of them tried to bite it and it left the area of the boat paddling slow and relaxed, as if there was no danger around! What a great last day in Guadalupe!! And we still have the whole afternoon left! So I’m off, back into the water!

–DM Jessie, the Nautilus Explorer

This is our third day at Guadalupe Island, and this morning our guest are having coffee while we cut the tuna on the back deck. Hernan is already wrangling, and we are all excited to get in cages to see the great whites. Today the weather is beautiful, for sure it will be an excellent day.

–DM Mayo, the Nautilus Explorer


Divers check out a great white from a submersible cage.
Divers check out a great white from a submersible cage.

We are back at Guadalupe Island once again, and this 2018 season is still on fire! Today was our first day of diving, and we had our first shark show up at 6:20 am at first light (the sun wasn’t even fully out yet!). Once again we had action non-stop all day long. At one point you could see 6 sharks in the same frame, but we had at least 10 different sharks throughout the day and there was even a brave sea lion that was hanging out under the boat, teasing the sharks. All of this with 100ft visibility; Guadalupe is definitely the best place to encounter the majestic great whites.

–DM Thiago, the Nautilus Belle Amie

What a day at the majestic Guadalupe Island; this is our second day of diving and the conditions were epic! Lots of sharks, calm seas, and great food = happy guests! We started our day with a couple sharks cruising around the surface, smelling our freshly chopped tuna. Around noon we had GREAT great white shark action in the submersible cages, including a couple breaches and close passes to all the cages! Tomorrow we will do it all over again! SHAAAAARK!!

–DM Sergio, the Nautilus Belle Amie

Today there were many beautiful creatures, not only fish. A green turtle cruising by the cages made everyone’s hearts stop. We couldn’t look as the sharks one by one approached the turtle to take a closer look, and yet they all decided to move on as the turtle just briefly changed course, still moving slow and calm.

Yellow fin tuna were working as a team, breaking through the schools of sardines at full speed, truly awesome teamwork was displayed. Today the visibility was slightly lower than yesterday, yet we could clearly see across the boat from port to starboard side in the submersible cages, which means that Guadalupe always has visibility that beats any other place in the world to see great white sharks.

–DM Adrian, the Nautilus Belle Amie

It has been an amazing 2 days of shark diving. Sharks identified and confirmed by Nicole Naisby-Lucas are: “Paul Walker,” “Joker,” “Monkey,” “Andy,” “Luca Arnone,” “Mikaela Victoria,” “Mikayla Vernon,” “Chelsea,” “Ropey,” “Jaques,” “Jeff Nuttal,” “The Legend,” “Sad Face,” “Mickey,” “Finley,” and “Vlad,” plus 6 new males and 5 new females!! Bidding was open for naming of new sharks and the outcome was a huge success.

–DM Aldo, the Nautilus UnderSea

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