Happy Birthdays Onboard the Belle Amie

As Mexicans we can only feel proud of all our country has to offer. We set off to discover Guadalupe Island and the great white sharks and luckily we were directed to the Nautilus team. The team make the trip a once in a life experience. Every moment is enjoyable, and the crew plays an important role in it. After all, you’re spending 5 nights in a boat, but believe me, it goes fast. Each dive, each meal and each evening is memorable; it is a trip worth sailing on! 5 stars!

–Josue & Mariana, Mexico

Hello, my name is Kiki! This boat is THE SH*T!! Screw the sharks, the team is where it’s it! These guys are hands down from heaven up above! Joking aside, the sharks are very sharky here. They smile. They do all sorts of sharky stuff and I loved every moment of it!

Also having a birthday here might be the best thing ever. The cake and the singing and love makes me feel ohhhhhh soooooo happy!!! Love you guys, thank you for making my trip the best thing ever! #thisis40

–Kiki, USA


A great white attempts to get the bait at Guadalupe, Photo by Saunders Drukker
A great white attempts to get the bait at Guadalupe, Photo by Saunders Drukker

Diving with the Nautilus blew away all my expectations and even my birthday wishes. These 5 days felt like they passed in the blink of an eye! Nonstop shark action, facilitated by the best crew one could hope for. Everyone was kind, generous and funny; no need went unmet during the course of the trip. I can’t imagine diving Guadalupe Island with anyone else!

–Melissa & Alex, Berkeley, CA, USA

This trip exceeded all my expectations. The Captain and crew were wonderful. The ship was very comfortable, and the food was fantastic. On top of that I got to dive with great white sharks! Memories to last a lifetime! “It doesn’t matter how many sharks you have seen in your life, you haven’t seen your first shark until you see the great white!” Immortal words.


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