Noontime Shark Fest

Two beautiful days and fantastic dives at Guadalupe Island. On the second day we had sharks swimming around the Nautilus Explorer starting 6:30 am and the action didn’t stop all day. The sharks were going for the bait all day, but then around midday we had full on shark activity! We had 8 or 9 different sharks (the maximum count at once was 6!), with at least three females and many males. We identified “Joker” and “Ropey” which came very close to our cages a couple of times. We ended today with a steak night with margaritas and wine!

–DM Ari, the Nautilus Explorer

We had a great trip that exceed expectations of our guests! People were very excited about getting in the “shark infested” waters of Guadalupe Island, and they were hoping to see at least one great white… Instead they saw five at the same time and around 10 different individuals throughout the day, circling our boat and enjoying our tuna snacks when they could get them! You can’t say you have seen sharks until you see a great white sharks!

–DM Mirko, the Nautilus Explorer

I am back after a long break on the Nautilus Explorer, and I am truly impressed by the new look of my favourite dive boat! The extended back deck is now leveled and offers plenty of space for the divers, their equipment and the cameras. The extended platform at the stern of the boat has plenty of space for the cages and our guests as they wait for the money shots while we wrangle on the two wrangling platforms at the same time. It is a huge improvement for the guest experience and a pleasure to enjoy so much comfort.

My first trip back to Guadalupe Island has been great so far, we had 5 great whites at the same time around the cages regularly throughout the days, the water is close to crystal clear and not too cold.

–DM Yann, the Nautilus Explorer

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