The Gallant Lady Sails! – Capt. Mike

The Nautilus Gallant Lady is beautiful. Really beautiful. We are so pleased and proud of how she turned out. I feel like a new papa taking loads of baby pic’s!!

We departed the shipyard last Saturday bound for Cabo San Lucas with a crew of 10 onboard. It was an easy sail south with flat seas and the yacht making 14 knots at an easy 1500 RPM. The trip normally takes us 3.5 days in our other ships. The Lady covered it in less than 2.5!! We were a bit disappointed with the calm seas as it deprived us of being able to test the new hydraulic stabilizers!! Did I mention that the yacht is beautiful?? I am so pleased with how she turned out. The black hull, white superstructure and varnished teak trim is very striking. The new interior looks great. And the stern extension gives us a 20 foot water level dive platform.

Our first trip – one of 5 “soft open” voyages with a substantial discount on the price – boards tomorrow, bound for Cabo Pulmo and the Sea of Cortez!! We still have some decks to scrub, some last minute tunes, tweaks and adjustments and we are working like heck to get the last of the compressor system installed.

Dive safe!

–Captain Mike

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one of the first photos sailing on the Gallant Lady the Gallant Lady at port

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