The Lunar Eclipse Brings Out the Sharks!

We are currently enjoying another trip aboard the famous Nautilus Explorer. Yesterday we had some amazing dives at Cabo Pearce with Hammerheads, Dolphins and very friendly Mantas. The water was clear and warm at 25°C. In the evening we headed to Punta Tosca for the weekly Silky Snorkel. At night many sharks are attracted by the boat’s lights and we can swim with them off the dive deck. As we were getting ready in the full moon, the lunar eclipse started to form and by the time we got dry with all the guests enjoying hot chocolate and Baileys, it was nearly complete. What a sight!! It seemed like the sharks noticed it too. There were many sharks around and they were sticking to the surface coming very very close to divers and cameras showing curiosity. We had the chance to take some great closeup shots of their snouts checking out the cameras and we heard quite a few excited little screams coming out of snorkels as the Silkies said hello to the divers. What a great way to end a fantastic day at Socorro Island!

–DM Jessie, the Nautilus Explorer

The current expedition to Revillagigedo Archipelago aboard the Nautilus Belle Amie is breaking records. Not a single day without Mantas, Dolphins, Hammerheads and Tiger Sharks! If you re looking for big marine animals, this is the place to be and we know how to find them with safety and excellence in guest experience. You will love our new destinations as well: Cabo Pulmo and Sea of Cortez aboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady, join us and be part of the Nautilus experience!

–DM Felipe, the Nautilus Belle Amie


A silky shark during the night snorkel! Photo by Josh Blank
A silky shark during the night snorkel! Photo by Josh Blank

I never get tired of mantas, and I never get tired of people’s reactions the first time they have one of our Revillagigedo friendly mantas swimming few centimeters over their heads or stopping in front of them and looking in their eyes. After that special moment, sometimes the diver screams, sometimes they raise their arms in sign of victory, sometimes they cry and in the case of one of the divers of my group, today she made a funny happy dance!

These are the kind of things that make this work really worth it, to be able to see so many happy faces after every dive, to listen constantly “this was the best dive of my life!!,” to be present when the dreams of people come true. Today I saw lots of faces of pure happiness and joy, and I am thankful for being here, doing what I’m doing.

I have to leave you now, the last dive of the day is going to start and there is a whale shark in the area!!

–DM Victor, the Nautilus Explorer

Today we had a great day in Cabo Pearce on Socorro Island. Our second day here was amazing. We saw dolphins, hammerheads and mantas on every single dive! On the first two dives we had juvenile whale sharks! The cherry on the pie for this magnificent day was a Tiger shark on the last dive! Revillagigedo Archipelgo always unique.

–DM Guillermo, the Nautilus UnderSea

Conditions were great today at Cabo Pearce, great visibility and a mild current that brought Hammerhead sharks in and giant mantas hovering over the divers! Tomorrow is time for Roca Partida!

–DM Mirko, the Nautilus Explorer


A beautiful manta in Socorro.
A beautiful manta in Socorro.

Cabo Pearce was hot today, we reported 3 mantas for the whole day and dolphins were extremely playful! One of them literally bumped into our guests asking to play with them. Seeing a Tiger Shark on top of the reef was also very exciting, and at the last minute of dive we managed to find a school of hammerheads as we drifted towards our safety stop! Water is still around the mid 70s and the weather has been very kind with us!

–DM Felipe, the Nautilus Belle Amie

Rough conditions today in Roca Partida but we can cope, the wind blowing from northeast but the sun is shining so let’s go! Just dropped down and the first chevron Manta was casually cruising by, go to the south end of the rock and boom! All the fish opened up and here come a couple of big fat silvertips, pectoral fins down swimming full speed hunting the jacks, another 3 sharks join immediately and we are in between it all. What a show! Big yellowfin tuna try to get some breakfast too and before we realize time is over, time to refill the tanks and the stomachs. Second dive and the sharks were now deeper, we can see them near the bottom, out of reach. In the afternoon they come up again, and the school of tuna are out hunting too, very exciting dusky dive.

–DM Adrian, the Nautilus Belle Amie

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