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  • Great Friends, Great Food, Great Whites!

    I am simply without words at how amazing the overall experience has been, seeing more great whites than I could have ever imagined.

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  • Mackerel swim away from a great white

    Dave’s Great White Shark Adventure

    The overall activity in a day was at least 10-12 different sharks and the most at one point was 6, which made for an amazing dive. It also made it hard to figure out which way to turn!

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  • Does A Great White Shark – ahem – Poop in the Water??

    Today we had visual confirmation that at least one of the great white sharks of Guadalupe Island does indeed – ahem – poop in the water. And boy when they do, is there ever a lot of poop!! It was my turn to play at shark wrangling when I spotted a big female swimming under the boat. Something looked odd – as if she was trailing something. Some of our guests were watching from the hot-tub deck and shouted out “2 sharks,” “no, 3 sharks,” “no, 5 sharks,” “man, there are 6 sharks there.” By that point in time, I had figured out what was going on and shouted back “heck no, that is one very big shark taking a personal moment in front of you!!!” Digital and video evidence confirmed my contention. The amount of discharged material was quite astonishing but I suppose, not unreasonable for a 2500 pound animal that is 17 feet long.

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