Schools and piles of sharks!

So far, this trip has been amazing. On the first day we have seen five different species of sharks. Second day at Roca Partida: huge schools of different species of sharks and whitetip reef sharks piled on top of one another in small caves inside Roca Partida with amazing visibility.

But to be honest, nothing beats our experience of today at Cabo Pierce. We swam off to the cleaning station and were hanging around for a couple of minutes, when a ginormous black manta entered. Before I was able to catch my breath, dolphins started to swim into the cleaning station, mimicking the divers by swimming underneath the manta.

Were they mocking us, or trying to be cooler than the manta? Who knows. When they started to swim around and interact with the group of divers, one diver kept entertaining the manta by ‘bubbling’ her.

This dive was insanely cool and certainly the best dive I have ever made!

– Lonneke, The Netherlands

Dive trip was great.

At The Canyon we dove with whale sharks, at Roca Partida with hammerhead sharks, at Cabo Pearce with dolphins, at The Boiler with mantas. And we also heard the singing of humpback whales.

Those places are simply magic. The current was from mild to strong with water temperature of 75 F, visibility from 40ft to 100 ft depending on location.

– Divemaster Pedro

black and white photo of a diver dancing with a giant manta

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