Unforgettable Underwater Life

First dive at Roca Partida was amazing; I have never seen that amount of underwater life. We were for an hour in the blue with more sharks you can count, from various species such as Galapagos, Hammerheads, Silver/White tips and so on. Not to mention the Jackfish tornado you can go through melting with some huge tunas…a dive I shall remember for a lifetime.

Second dive looked like the first one; however, we added a full school of tunas that passed in front of us for minutes. Third dive looked like the 2 dives before; awesome with hundreds of sharks of all species. 4th and last dive was the craziest: we jumped into water just before 18h. All sharks (tons of Hammerheads and all other species) were very active, swimming very fast and very close from us.

At the surface we could see huge schools of enormous yellow tail tunas. By the 10 last minutes of the dive, a whale shark joined us from the surface to our position at 18m deep. He swam with us for minutes surrounded by small sharks and tunas school.

– Nelson, France

The last day was amazing in El Boiler. The Blue room is always amazing, thats it. Don’s photos, amazing.

– Divemaster Arturo A. Bocos

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