Friendly chevron manta host!

It has really been a great on Nautilus Belle Amie. It is a great environment, the crew are perfectly professional, both in and out of water. The Dive Masters ensure that you will get the most of diving even if you, like me, haven’t got a lot of experience.

The wildlife at the Socorro islands are extraordinary. The big animals that you come for, do not disappoint. You can spend a huge amount of time diving around the mantas without you, or the Mantas, getting bored. All in all absolutely fantastic diving.

– Rasmus, Odense Denmark

It was a calm night at sea. Sleep came easily with the boat staying at Roca Partida after experiencing all the magical encounters of our first day at “The Rock.”

Our diving started by being greeted by a friendly chevron manta, who joined us in our descent to the roaming Galapagos sharks. We drifted through bait balls while observing the whitetip sharks settling on their shelves for a day of rest. After spotting eels and distant hammerhead sharks we were again joined by our manta host.

The later dives brought more mantas, hammerhead and Galapagos sharks with tunas that were first mistaken for dolphin. They were HUGE!

After diving we returned to the boat to be greeted by the most accommodating crew and fed absolutely the best food ever featured on a liveaboard boat, not to mention most other vacations on land. Another great day on the Nautilus UnderSea.

– John & Kathy from Agoura Hills, CA

whitetip shark approaches rock shelf to rest

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