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The Black Mantas Socorro dive group blog:

What a privilege to know the Nautilus organization. We boarded the dive boat to be greeted by a fabulous team to be made welcome from the start to the end of our adventure.

The Dive Masters knowledge of all sites (Coeoiats Cannon, Roca Partida, Punta Tosca, The Boiler and Fondeadero) was invaluable. We were split into 3 dive teams that the dive masters rotated between all groups allowing them to get to know their guests on a one-to-one basis and not just by sight on the boat.

The weather was kind to us and the diving exhilarating, excellent and beyond expectation. Mantas a plenty, Dusky, silver tips, white tip, hammer heads, Galapagos sharks and pods of dolphins were all in the blue.

The hostess team made sure we were hydrated at all times, hot drinks ordered we radioed ahead from the rib boats after the last dive of the day. The chef’s food was brilliant. The Captain, 1st Mate and chief engineer kept the boat in tip top sailing order to bring us home safely.

A very enjoyable and memorable holiday was had by all.

– Simon, Sharon, Debbie, Kaleigh, Michael, Annika and Christoph

Observing the sea life underwater is one thing but actually interacting both physically, seemingly and mentally with the 4 dolphins in the afternoon, had to be of the most memorable dive experience of my 30 year dive career.

– Georges Lambie, Scotland

a pod of three bottlenose dolphins with their signature curious appearances

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