We Got the Divers in and Out for Hours!

This morning we got on the RHIB by 730. Beautiful morning, seas calm and shortly we started to see mobulas munkianas jumping like popcorn out of the water. Captain Gordon from the Gallant Lady helped us to spot a school that was not moving very much. We got there and put the divers in the water to see thousands of mobulas going in circles forming with the school itself a giant vortex. We got the divers in and out for hours! They got pictures, and videos, and enjoyed themselves without cameras for as much as they wanted with this gentile and peaceful school. Even from the top of the RHIB, it was beautiful to see this dance of fins swimming around us.

Great way to start a day! Now the spotter plane is in the air let’s see what else mother ocean has to share with us today.

  • Divemaster Juan David, onboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady

By Nautilus Crew

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