The only place I have seen more fish than Roca Partida (Socorro Island) was in the supermarket! Ken..

Tem sido uma viagem inesquecivel, o grupo e muito experiente ,tenho aprendido muito. Hoje vimos varias mantas de mais de 5metros, no segundo dia de mergulho vi um Tubarao Tigre e algunas Mantas. O barco e muito bom, as cabines bem confortaveis e quase nao bate, dormi muito bem todos os días!
O pessoal de bordo e miuito atencioso, a comida fantástica, realmente uma grande viagem! Andre Hecksher  (brazil)  (translation in English by tigre..this has been an exquisite trip, a group with so much experience, I have learned a lot.  Today we saw various mantas bigger than five meters, and on the second day I saw and filmed a tiger shark and also some mantas.  The boat is very nice, the cabins are very comfortable and the boat hardly rolls, I slept very well every day!  The crew aboard is very attentive, the food is fantastic, this has been a great trip.).
Day 4 of diving brought us to Roca Partida, a 200 foot long rock in the middle of nowhere. I guess you could say it‚s rather sharky. But don‚t worry, it was only a little scary and I came back with the vast majority of my limbs. What a cool place this is! The diving was pretty challenging with some current and a good amount of swell and surge but huge schools of jacks and on various pockets of the rock, piles of white tip sharks and moray eels resting in harmony. I‚m really happy to be here and looking forward to the last day of diving here before we head back to Los Cabos. All the crew and guests have been great to hang out with on this unforgettable adventure. Dennis Mahle
What can I possibly say about diving the last few days?  How about Giant Manta Ray, Hammerhead, Galapagos, Silvertip, and White-tip reef sharks?  Diving the islands around Socorro has been a once in a lifetime experience while all the time having our every need met by the excellent crew of the Nautilus Explorer.  Everyday a new adventure and every dive a new and unforgettable memory. Bart Skubi
Roca was not nearly as challenging as we were told in the briefing, in terms of getting in and out of the zodiacs. I’ve only seen more fish in one place…the supermarket! Ken.

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