What makes Revillagigedo so special

We are enjoying the best weather of the month during this week of diving Revillagigedo. The sea is calm, with swell not exceeding 3 feet. Roca Partida even looked like a lake and the Boiler was sweet to dive.

Our first day was at San Benedicto and we explored a divesite called las Cuevitas (Red Rocks), enjoying a few swim through and shallow water to make sure everyone is comfortable back in their wetsuits.

The rest of the day, we spent in The Boiler, where we started the dive with a group of 3 false killer whale surfing the wave below the skiff and we caught a glimpse of 1 of them as we rolled back in the water. then heading west we met 2 bottlenose dolphins who were playing with another group of divers.

As we headed back to the rock, we were greeted by an amazing manta show. This was the kind of show that makes Revillagigedo so special, with mantas passing over the head of everyone, bathing in bubbles, waving with their cephalic fins and looking deep in our eyes.

Roca Partida then brought us its fair share of silky sharks, galapagos and an amazing scene on the late afternoon dive: 6 whitetip reef sharks following 1 bigger female and trying to bite her pectoral fin to flip her around, in order to mate. The female was swimming in circles and always getting away from the attempts of bites by the males. We did not stay long enough to know if one of them got lucky in the end!

– Divemaster Yann, onboard Nautilus Explorer, France

Today we got to explore a new dive site (for me and for most of the guests), a place whose location is affected by wind and swell most of the time.

We got a little window of decent weather here and we were in Roca O’neill. Some amazing topography with a 2 chiminis, a small and a huge one!

Perfect visibility of 30+ meters where we saw silky and Galapagos sharks, and who else is here… we are visited by dolphins imitating the way we blow out bubbles.

Just another day in paradise!

– Divmaster Mirko

giant manta appears to wave hello to the two divers photographing it

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