Close encounters with dozens of dolphins

I’ve been diving 30+ years and this was probably one of the best dives I’ve ever done. Pods of a dozen dolphins, playing and entertaining us. Some many close encounters. And if that wasn’t enough, 4-5 Giant Mantas just circling us.

One approached me from the front and less than a meter away glided over me. So close was this pass, I couldn’t even get a full picture of the remoras head. They would swim right up to us and look into our eyes….WOW.

And did I mention all of this was happening at the same time for the majority of the dive?

– Eric, Toronto, Canada

Finally the dolphins came and saw us in the morning! And the Manta show most dives was great as well. We did find Hammerheads on the third dive also. Galapagos sharks and a silver tipped shark joined the fun too. This is a great location!

Also, several of us enjoyed a flying fish/dolphin/silky shark show off of the dive deck after dinner before the boat began the long journey home. This was truly a show to see!!

– Dana H, California

pale giant manta circles around divers

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