Divemasters On the Explorer Celebrate Sharks and Amazing Photographers

It was a really great day at Guadalupe Island! Today the sharks were around our cages the whole day. We recognized five different sharks out of eight. “Ropie,” “Roth,” “Joker,” “Andy,” and our favourite show-off, “Kenric.” Visibility was about 20 metres (65ft) and our guests were delighted at the end of the day with Taco Night and a beautiful moon.

–DM Ari, the Nautilus Explorer

It is the last trip of my rotation and I’m sad to leave the sharkies. However, I know that the new crew and new guests are going to have a great time especially now that the water temperatures have started to drop. I believe that is why we have seen so many sharks recently. We saw six or seven different ones yesterday, medium to large sized males like “Sad Face,” “Kenric” and “Rhett,” who exhibits curious behaviour, swimming around the cage following the same pattern over and over. I think he is observing us, as curious as we are!

It has been a pleasure and and a huge honor to be on board again with the best underwater photographer in the world, Mr. Ernie Brooks. The vibe he has and all that love he gives is incredible. His lovely presentation was amazing, punctuated with his great pictures from all around the world. Wow! Ernie you have got the eye for what you love and you express it to us so well.

Today was the best day of the trip! There were so many sharks cruising around, going for the bait, sneaking up on us. I think the sharks were showing off for this trip full of amazing photographers. “Rhett,” a big male shark was watching at us and showing off the hydrodynamics of his body. These animals are perfect and so graceful. I’m so glad they still exist and that they are protected all around the globe.

The guests were very satisfied with an amazing breach that a shark did about 10 metres (33ft) away from the bait. The photographers were crazy excited to have seen that, and at least one of the lovely guests got an amazing picture!

It is sad to head back to port but we had some incredible times on board the Nautilus Explorer. I’m glad this group had a great experience with El Gran Tiburon Blanco!

–DM Luis, the Nautilus Explorer

Having Ernie Brooks, Michael Aw and Christian Vizi onboard is so inspirational. These people are fully dedicated to transmitting a message, a statement through their pictures. From the divemasters, to the captain, and these photographers… what we all try and do is share our love and passion for the ocean! I am so pleased to be here.

–DM Mirko, the Nautilus Explorer


📷 By Divemaster Mirko

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