28 Schooling Hammerheads and a Manta Dance

Merry Christmas Eve! Every year we get to welcome aboard wonderful guests from all over the world and we do our utmost to give them the absolute best diving experience possible. Here are a couple guest blogs from a recent trip to Socorro Island, enjoy!

On the third day, on the second dive, 28 curious hammerhead sharks swam around us for a minute or two. I am still too awestruck to come up with more words to describe our encounter. As if that was not enough, a black manta came towards us but she was a bit shy. Then another manta came in who looked like the same one from the day before. She was friendly and came in close to check us out. Her black buddy became curious and came closer and we had a long encounter with the mantas. They swam us to the wall and we ended our dive as we waved goodbye to our new underwater friends. This was the most amazing dive of our trip so far, and we still have another day!

–Team Canada (Allan & Wendy)

Words cannot describe the feeling when interacting with these gentle giant mantas that actually choose to get close and personal; just something you have to experience. Add a school of 20-30 hammerheads and you have one of the best dive days ever!

–Steve & Sandra

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After our first dive, where we encountered Giant Mantas, Hammerheads, and Silver tips, all I could say was Wow! Wow! and Wow! Great trip, wonderful crew and fantastic memories with our dive friends and family.

Hello Trish! Thank you for your comment. We’re so happy that you had an amazing trip, and what a wonderful first dive to start it all off! We hope you can come back again soon. Not only is Guadalupe Island the best place in the world to dive with Great Whites, but we have also recently added two new dive destinations in the Sea of Cortez, so there are lots of options to choose from! Happy New Year!

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