Mantas, Tiger Sharks and Euphoric Guests

First day of diving today at El Canyon on San Benedicto Island. When we awoke to start prepping the skiffs and dive deck this morning the moon was setting and was a beautiful orange colour. The dives were exceptionally consistent with mantas being seen on every dive with as many as 4 individuals on 1 dive! We also saw large scalloped hammerhead sharks and at the deep cleaning station there was around 10 Silvertips together along with a few Galapagos sharks. An oceanic blacktip was also seen and our videographer even got some closeup footage of a Tiger shark! Not bad for day one, now it’s time for some delicious tacos on the top deck, oh yeah!

–DM Martyn, the Nautilus Belle Amie

Esprit de corps.

It is the third trip this rotation on the Nautilus Explorer and my body feels it. The tanks are heavier, the mornings harder, and the coffee machine has become my best friend. But even in those difficult time Luis is still an absolute legend of patience and professionalism, bless him!

Then comes the time to back roll in the blue water of Socorro and everything makes sense again. Hammerheads, dolphins, mantas and school of yellowfin tunas in 55 minutes of an epic dive. When boarding back on the mother ship, my divers are wearing this massive smile and we are all happy about mother nature’s many gifts. And this is why a team should always stay strong, especially in the toughest times because there is always a bright side here in Revillagigedo. The esprit de corps takes its roots deep below the deck of the Nautilus Explorer, and again, the crew is always here to remind me of that.

–DM Nico, the Nautilus Explorer

The Cabo Pearce dives were really good but the current was ripping. The divemasters did a really great job, staying protected and playing with it. It was really interesting to observe the current from the Achilles. Every time I see a guest surfacing, they do it with a big big smile. Some times they’re euphoric and sometimes speechless, but either way it feels good to share this happiness with guests from all around the world.

–DM Luis, the Nautilus Explorer

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Just a quick shout out to all the crew of the December 12-20th trip. Speaking for the Canadian Contingent, we were all thrilled with both the diving and the food and various services provided by the crew/divemasters. For some of us, it was our second time around and we were so happy to have seen nuestros amigos Laurentina y Jorge again; we agree that this staff grouping provided the best service yet. 🙂 Y a mis amigas Adriana y Laurentina, muchas gracias por la ayuda con mi español. 👍 Vemos pronto!

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