New Years with Nautilus

Not only did we have a great time welcoming guests from all over the world onboard for some New Years fun, we also got to experience some incredible diving, especially at Cabo Pearce! Read on for our guest blogs all about this amazing adventure. 

The Socorro Islands have long been on my diving ‘bucket list’ and this New Years trip truly lived up to the hype. We saw giant Mantas on the majority of dives, getting the chance to get close to these amazing animals as they actively choose to interact with divers – a truly special experience. We also routinely encountered Hammerheads, Galapagos, Whitetip and Silvertip sharks, plus a close encounter with a Tiger shark (!), and a number of dives with pods of dolphins. This is my sixth liveaboard trip but my first with Nautilus – the diving plus the exceptional crew means it won’t be my last!

–Sarah, UK

Diving at Cabo Pearce is, by far, some of the best diving I have ever done! From the moment we jumped into the water, we were greeted by a chevron manta. These mantas are so very curious and interested in sharing an intimate moment with divers, I have no doubt that they really are very intelligent animals. The eye contact the mantas make with you is enough to convince you that they can read your mind – and makes it difficult to look away.

After our manta encounter, we played with 2 dolphins intent on showing off – what an awesome experience! We finished our dive with an up close and personal experience with a hammerhead shark that circled us a few times as if it was posing for photos. A few more manta encounters and a distant view of a tiger shark put this dive over the edge of an awesome dive experience. This dive is the dive I have been dreaming of since I started diving.

–Ahna Miller, California, USA

El buceo de hoy en Cabo Pearce fue uno de los mejores buceos de mi vida, ver las mantas tan cerca viéndote a los ojos fue increíble!!!

–Gabriela Acra, Mexico City, Mexico 

Less than 5 minutes in water and we ran into 2 dolphins chasing a manta right in front of us!! What more need I say? Awesome!!

–Rebecca Warren, Toronto, Canada


Sharks, sharks and more sharks at Roca Partida!
Sharks, sharks and more sharks at Roca Partida!

Aujourd’hui fut une journée mémorable. Accompagné de notre groupe et de notre guide Pedrosito, nous sommes allez tôt le matin plongé au site Cabo Pearce. N’ayant pas vue de dauphins la journée d’avant, j’espérais être en mesure d’en rencontrer et de photographier quelques spécimens puisqu’il s’agissait d’un rêve.

Après cinq minutes seulement, deux dauphins ce sont à nous pour s’amuser. Cette expérience fut une de mes meilleurs expérience de plongée a vie puisque les dauphins étaient vraiment ‘’Friendly’’ . De plus, j’ai réussi a prendre une de mes plus belles photos sous-marine depuis le début de ma carrière. Cette interaction qui semblait irréaliste était tout simplement incroyable!

Ce voyage abord du Nautilus Belle Amie fut presque parfait. Très bon service et professionnalisme de tout l’équipage sur le bateau, que ce soit pour la plongée ou service d’accommodations et repas.

Muchas gracias!

–Tommy Boulanger, Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada

To say this trip was spectacular is not enough. Upon boarding the vessel on the first day, the crew made a very positive impression with their professionalism and friendliness. The diving in this part of the world, with this crew, made it an experience I will never forget. Without doubt if you dive, this place should not be missed.

–Jose, Hatfield, Massachusetts, USA


A unique above-surface shot at Socorro
A unique above-surface shot at Socorro

Another great day on our Socorro trip. We did 4 dives today at Cabo Pearce and we saw Hammerheads each time, numerous whitetips, big tuna, a Galapagos Shark, Mantas on each dive, many of them friendly and very very close. Best of all was a group of at least 8 dolphins staying with us and playing around for nearly an entire dive. Great and diverse group of divers from all over the world, and certainly the nicest crew you can think of. Both divemasters (Ivan and Casey) are fantastic, great skiff drivers and engineer Daniel. All of the crew are friendly and very hard working. Many thanks to all of them for creating such a great atmosphere for this awesome trip.

–Klaus-Stefan, Hamburg, Germany

What a way to spend the New Year. What can I say – this trip had high standards to live up to from what I’d read and it didn’t disappoint. This was my first time diving with the most beautiful giant Chevron and Black Mantas and on our last day we met the most playful dolphins. A truly special diving experience and one which is going to be hard to top. From first stepping onto the Nautilus UnderSea we didn’t want for anything. The crew, from the Chef to the Captain and everyone else between, made us feel like we were at home and we had a great group of divers from all continents to share diving stories over dinner. And finally the divemasters – Casey and Ivan – from technical advice to their knowledge on the best spots, we were in the best of hands. Genuinely one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you!

–Hillary, UK

First time I heard about Revillagigedo was with my scuba diving group back in 2013 when a trip to Socorro Islands was planned. Unfortunately, at that time I was not able to go and I have been dreaming about this trip since then. Now, nearly 6 years later I made it! The trip on New Year’s Eve with Nautilus UnderSea had the perfect dates and had started just a little before the end of the year.

The 24 hours navigation was left behind after the first dive. One of the best so far!! I have never seen so many sharks species at once (Silkies, Galapagos, Hammerhead, Whitetip and a Tiger shark eventually). On most of the dives there were at least two types of giant manta, lobsters everywhere, a lot of fishes and sharks.

The divemasters and the team in the boat provided us the most enjoyable experience and gave us a lot of attention. The food prepared by the Chef Felipe was DELICIOUS!! They all worked hard to make us feel more comfortable. I will for sure return one day. Thank you Nautilus UnderSea team!

–Pablo & Luciana


The incredibly colourful Socorro Lobster
The incredibly colourful Socorro Lobster

After the New Years celebrations, it was a relief to head to Cabo. After a pleasant introduction we boarded the vessel, heading southwest, only surrounded by the ocean. The crossing was pleasant and we were all entertained with good food and chats with the fantastic staff and new divers. We were all excited after a great dinner, and we were all asleep early before the next days activities. And what a start to an already great adventure…. a checkout dive with Mantas, school of Hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, Tiger Shark, dolphins and numerous other sharks and marine life…. and the good news is that it will be even better! Thank you Santa, that was all I wanted for Christmas!! 

–Torbjorn, Norway

First day on Nautilus Explorer, what a day! Best check out dive of my whole life! All together we had 10 dolphins playing with us on the left, a school of hammerheads on the right, whitetips in the middle and 2 huge Galapagos sharks swimming by… and mantas, mantas and mantas – this is real heaven. Thanks to Victor, Hector, Jessie, Mirko and Captain Aaron for this great experience. And we are now back on the boat with Nubia, Lala and Enrique taking care of us, what a treat! Looking forward to tomorrow!

–Valeria, Italy

Ola todos, bonjour tout le monde, quand on evoque Socorro il a quelque chose de mysterieux qui emane de ce nom … Voyons ne serait-ce pas un des rares endroits au monde ou l on peut rencontrer des mantas geantes ? Alors je peux repondre oui si sans hesitation , apres une premiere plongee exceptionnelle sur san Bemedicto [requin-tigre-manta-requin marteau requin pointe blanche requin nourrice] incroyable pour une premiere mise a l eau qui valait bien 24 h de traversee.

Aujourd hui nous sommes a Socorro ,cerise sur le gateau il fait beau … Ce matin je suis avec Hector dive Master sur le Nautilus Explorer et j ai pu realiser un reve d enfant nager avec les dauphins sans avoir la meme complicite qu Hector c est un moment unique magique , dans l apres midi 2 autres plongees cette fois-ci c est un festival de mantas geantes qui viennent tournoyer parmi les plongeurs ne sachant plus ou regarder ou se placer … Je commets l erreur d aller a leur rencontre alors qu en fait il suffit d attendre patiemment elles viennent au contact des plongeurs spontanement …

Je recommande vraiment cette croisiere a tous. Certes c est un budget mais l equipe est super tant les dive master que le capitaine ainsi que les membres d equipage le bateau est confortable [ celui ci dispose meme d un jaccuzi] , parait il cela va crescendo avec roca partida … Pour ma part je suis deja tres satisfait de ce que j ai vu …

Si je vous dis en plus qu il y a une bonne entente parmi tous les plongeurs vous risquez de ne pas me croire et que je suis paye par la societe …

–Christophe, France

Roca Partida, la primera inmersion impresionante la roca, le dimos varias vueltas esperando a ver las tan esperadas mantas y la escuela de tiburones martillos, no fue hasta la cuarta y ultima inmersion del dia, cuando mi grupo de sharks divers en una inmersion anterior avistaron los tan esperados tiburones martillos, en la cuarta y ultima inmersion decidi acompanarlos en la cuarta y ultima entrando a la punta sur de la roca y en el inmenso azul ahi estaba una escuela de aproximadamente 10 tiburones martillos, los cuales se portaron, muy amigables tanto que se acercaron a menos de 2 mts de distancia de los buzos, todo esto a una profundidad de 35 mts, despues de estar respetando los limites deco, nos acercamos a la roca y nos estaba esperando varios bait balls, tiburones galapagos y asi como los ya residentes y dormilones white tips. en la parada de suguridad paso a despedirnos una enorme escuela de jacks pequenos asi como un enorme atun de casi 2mts. Roca Partida es impresionante!!!

–Oscar Castro UnderWater Photography


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