Swimming with Sperm Whales in the Sea Of Cortez

Recently we spotted a large group of Sperm whales(also called Cachalot). We had to stop! We got the skiffs in the water very very quickly and told the group to just grab their mask fins and snorkel and go see them.

Day 1 & 2 : Destination Cabo Pulmo

After a hot breakfast our guests were off on their first dive of the day. They returned from their first dives super happy. They saw a plethora of marine life including Bull Sharks and massive schools of fish. We were able to offer 4 dives to the guests and take them for a hot lunch in between. Once everyone was onboard the Gallant Lady  we departed Cabo for La Reina.  As soon as the guests finished dinner they were all asleep within minute.

Going to Cabo Pulmo aboard The Nautilus Gallant Lady

Day 3 – Swimming with the Sperm Whales

Day two offered us a unique and exciting opportunity. While underway to La Reina, I spotted a large group of Sperm Whales. We had to stop! We got the skiffs in the water very quickly and told the group to just grab their gear and go. Many of our guests jumped straight in the water and swam to the whales. They were like Children at Christmas. It was an incredible sight.

“I was swimming very fast to keep up following two big sperm whales on the top and underwater there were at least 4 smaller ones. I swam with a juvenile of about 4 mins and I was going next to him and he was turning around to see me. He watched me and we saw each other eyes.”

Lenka Smidberska

Lenka, one of the guests, was able to swim up close to juvenile and make eye-to-eye contact. She was so close to the young whale she could reach out and touch him – but she didn’t! Even though she was hesitant to explore the open ocean, her adrenaline gave her the push to get in and left her with an experience she “will never forget” and as she said: “a great feeling in my heart.”

Sperm Whales in the sea of Cortez
Sperm Whales in the sea of Cortez

Day 4 – Diving, diving, and more diving at Danzante

Arriving to Danzante never disappoints. The guests were wowed by the stunning landscape. Dive one was a beautiful reef with lots of Sergeant Major fish, Parrot fish and Giant Damsel fish. Dive two was very similar – but more like a giant aquarium. One guest described it as an ‘underwater garden’.  We headed to the west of the island for two more dives and to see the sunken Mexican Navy minesweeper. The weather remained nice and calm for our dives.

We ended the night with Tacos on the sun deck. The guests loved the beautiful back drop while enjoying dinner. They stayed up really late. Roman, another guest, said it was “heaven on earth!”.

Day 5 – Sunrise Diving at Coronado

The divers woke up to a stunning sunrise over the island of Coronado. We arrived in the early morning ready for the first dive anchored in 25m. The dive was great.The sea was calm with no current and a light breeze.  The guests saw Signal Blennies, Puffer Fish, and Mobula Rays. There were BIG Groupers as well.

The second dive was of course – Sea Lions! They are big, wonderful, amazing animals. The guests came back from the boat like children from a sweetshop. Big smiles all around.

Day 6 – Los Islotes Sea Lions & Delicious Food

We arrived in the morning to Los Islotes and the pangas took guests to the beautiful island – just north of Espiritu Santos. The sea was flat and calm like a mirror. Beautiful blue skies with just a couple of clouds. The divers came back from their first dive full of excitement! They couldn’t believe how playful the Sea Lions were. The massive schools of sardines were a very impressive spectacle too.

A sea lion plays with the camera. Photo by Ortwin Khan
A sea lion plays with the camera. Photo by Ortwin Khan

Two of our guests had a cooking lesson in the morning courtesy of chef Andrea. They were desperate to know ow she made the eggs benedict taste so good. All guests were really happy and smiling all the time. The day was finished off with a fantastic steak dinner. The guests comments on the food were really positive yet again. Andrea surpassed herself on this trip.

Day 7 – Final Day of Diving

We arrived back at Cabo Pulmo just in time for a stunning sunrise. Most of the guests were up early for breakfast so they were all on deck watching the sun come up. The first pangas arrived in good time and the guests were away by 8am. The dives were really good with lots more happy smiles.

The guests decided that after the third dive they didn’t want to do a fourth. I think they had tired themselves out with so many different dive sites on this trip and lots of different marine life to see.

By Nautilus Crew

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