A chevron manta WOW moment!

We had a calm crossing from Roca Partida, waking up at The Boiler at San Benedicto.

So far every day has provided a show of spectacular sea life; white tip reef sharks, moray eels, octopus, big yellowfin tuna, Galapagos sharks, dolphins, black mantas, chevron mantas, juvenile whale shark, bait balls so thick you couldn’t see through them.

Our big WOW MOMENT was swimming with a 12ft Chevron Manta, taking pictures and being in complete awe of her(?) when suddenly a whale shark appeared out of the blue. A juvenile everyone said. We all got a chuckle of how the manta reacted when the whale shark came in. She appeared annoyed that we were no longer giving her the attention.

Ahh, our last day of diving.. what will we see today? Let’s go see!

– Mike and Vicki from Agoura Hills, CA


Another epic trip on the Belle Amie!! We had 7 days of fantastic diving, hammerheads, mantas, galapagos, dolphins, silvertips, whale shark!!! We couldn’t ask for more!!

Guests are beyond happy and it’s will be hard to get off the boat, everyone wants to come back out to the pretigious Socorro Islands! Looking forward to next week! PURA VIDA!

– Divemaster Sergio Gonzalez, Costa Rica

trevally fish dwarfs a few smaller fish around it

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